Writing a correct essay depends on the student’s dedication, but also on a correct choice of topic to use

The request for essays is common in university courses, as it serves as a way to assess the level of writing and knowledge.

Students must learn to write essays in the correct way, to ensure their approval.

The choice of topic is a fundamental instance in the realization of this type of work.

The Essay is one of the most used genres in the university field. Teachers usually demand this type of work from students as a way to measure their knowledge on a topic, their research and analysis skills, and also their level of writing.

For students the process of conducting an essay can be complex and exhausting, because due to its structure and extension this work requires organization and hard work.

One of the most difficult instances of this type of academic work is the choice of the subject to be used. Due to its characteristics, the essay has no limitations, so with this modality all the topics can be treated.

In some cases, teachers assign a specific topic, but in others they leave it to the students’ free choice. When this happens, it is important to select the appropriate topic to be able to make a good trial.

Do you have to do one soon? Do you pursue a career in which this type of work is frequent? These are the 4 best topics to make a good trial:

1 For literary essays:

  • – The role of X character in a certain book.
  • – Evolution of the role of hero / gallant / protagonist in the literature of the twentieth century.
  • – Influence of X current on the writers of a certain country.

2 For scientific tests:

  • – Impact of reading on academic grades.
  • – Link of pets with allergies.
  • – Impact of sports habits on young people of a certain age group.

3 For critical tests:

  • – Technology in education.
  • – Role of technology in the digital era.
  • – Link between violence and social context.

4 For argumentative essays

  • – The legalization of abortion and its impact on the health system.
  • – Equal access to education.
  • – Penalties or limits to alcohol consumption.

Once you select the appropriate topic, with more or less difficulties, the essay writing process is clear. If you have the possibility, talk about the chosen topic with your teacher and consider their opinion regarding both the approach and the type of materials you can use.

These subjects contemplate the most used formats to make an essay, but you must remember that they only officiate examples so you can adapt them to the topic that interests you.

You will work hard until you get a job that I agree with you, but when you see the result you will understand that your effort has not been in vain and that you really guessed right with your choice of subject.

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